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    Triemm is Barcelona's shops - and other businesses - search engine where you will - very soon - find all the businesses. Do you need any business contact data? Here you will find it. Knowing wich is the nearest haberdashery? With Triemm you will know it.

    We collect data going to the shops and we enter it in the system and maintain it sistematically, by compact zones.

    We haven't collected yet all Barcelona's shops, but we are working on it. You can check the covering map.

    we have 4386 stores

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    And how does it work?

    To search in Triemm you must use the two input fields above and write what you are looking for or where you want to search. Or both.

    If you prefer, you can explore all the activity categories in Triemm.

    Clicking on the results you can access the contact details of the business and, in some cases, complete profiles with pictures and more information, such as:

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    Triemm. Everyday shops as you have never seen them.

    Triemm · Barcelona's shops search engine where every shop is. Everyone. ©2013-2015 S. Llapur & J. Quílez

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